Rule 12B

National Health and Safety Advisory Conference

Formation and Meetings
1. There shall be a National Health & Safety Advisory Conference to meet annually and be organised by the General Secretary in liaison with the National Executive Committee.

2. The Conference will be funded by the Branch Management Fund and by Regional Councils with the exception of the cost of the venue, which will be met by Head Office.

3. Each Branch and Regional Council will be entitled to send delegates and also submit resolutions to the Conference.

4.    The Conference shall be eligible to submit two items germane to Conference and carried by the Conference for the agenda of the Annual General Meeting, subject to the provisions of Rule 3, Clause 6, if it so desires. Other decisions of the Conference shall be placed before the National Executive Committee for consideration, but the Conference shall have no governing or controlling power over any member, Branch, Regional Council or Official.

Advisory Committee Formation and Meetings
5.    There shall also be a National Health & Safety Advisory Committee to meet three times per year to advise the National Executive Committee on matters germane to the Committee.

Liaison Committee
6. The Conference shall have a Liaison Committee elected at the Conference, comprising three members of the Advisory Committee. Arrangements will also be made for one member of the Liaison Committee to chair the Conference.