Rule 12C


National Retired members’ Advisory Conference

1. Retired Members’ Branches can be set up where necessary and must be automatically affiliated to the appropriate Regional Council, without charge.

2.    An amount of money, to be determined from time to time by the National Executive Committee, shall be given to each Retired Members’ Branch by the appropriate Regional Council each year.

Items Germane
3. Retired Members’ Branches can only discuss issues that directly affect pensioners and assist with recruitment and retention.

Advisory Conference
4. There will be an annual National Retired Members’ Advisory Conference consisting of a maximum of four delegates per Region. There will be a National Advisory Conference Committee consisting of two delegates per Region, which will meet twice a year. Head Office will meet delegates’ legitimate travel and subsistence expenses.

Resolutions to AGM
5. The National Retired Members’ Advisory Conference is entitled to submit two resolutions to the Annual General Meetings. These resolutions must deal with issues that directly affect pensioners. Two representatives of the Advisory Conference may attend the Annual General Meeting to move the resolutions.

Dissolution etc
6. The provisions of Rule 12, Clauses 2, 7, 9, 15 and 16 shall apply to this Advisory Conference and, for the purposes of such application, the Advisory Conference shall be deemed to be an Industrial Organising Conference within the meaning of the Rule.