Rule 24

Alteration to Rules

New Rules – Three Year Period
1. No new Rule shall be made, nor shall any of theRules herein contained be amended, altered, or rescinded, except by the Annual General Meeting every third year, unless, in the interim, a proposal to alter the Rules has been recommended by the National Executive Committee to an Annual or Special General Meeting.

Alterations – Supporting branches
2. All proposed alterations to Rules must either be recommended or agreed to by the National Executive Committee, or by eight Branches of the Union, and in the case of Branches, must reach Head Office on or before the 3rd February. All proposed alterations recommended as aforesaid shall be issued to Branches by the 18th February.

3.    All amendments to alterations proposed in accordance with Clause 2 must be recommended or agreed to by eight Branches of the Union, and in the case of Branches, received on or before the first Thursday in May. They shall be included in the A.G.M Final Agenda.

4. Such amendments must not raise any new proposals.

Proposals to SGM
5.    Any proposals to alter, amend or rescind the Union’s Rules at a Special General Meeting must reach Head Office on the dates determined by the National Executive Committee. 

Mandate to AGM Delegate
6. A Branch represented by a member of another Branch may forward to that representative, in writing, and signed by the Branch Chairperson and Secretary its views regarding the proposed alteration. The representative shall submit the opinion to the General Meeting.

Correction of Errors
7. The National Executive Committee or the General Secretary shall have power to correct errors of whatever character in any Rule or in any proposed amendment to Rule, provided always that the sense and purpose of the original text is fully maintained, the registered Rules to be made to agree thereto.