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Equal Opportunity

RMT Equal Opportunities statement and guidelines for the progression of discrimination and harassment cases
RMT has a policy of equal opportunity. Discrimination or Harassment on the grounds of age, gender, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, disability, religion, or sexual orientation, cannot be tolerated.

The union is committed to the elimination of any form of discrimination or harassment and to this end will investigate all cases brought to its attention, dealing with them in the most appropriate way.

All local representatives, branch officers and full-time officials of the union are expected to take members' grievances seriously, and progress any case in the manner outlined in these guidelines.

Any member found to be responsible for discrimination against, or harassment of, another individual will be deemed to be acting contrary to Rule 2.18 of the Union's Rule Book, will be dealt with accordingly and may be expelled.

Advice on any stage of this procedure can be obtained from RMT Head Office.

The Right to Choose

RMT has had firm policy on Abortion And Contraception Rights since a decision taken at its 1990 annual general meeting.

The union has campaigned since then to:-Resist any change in the 1967 Abortion Act which would produce conditions detrimental to the health and welfare of women;

  1. Oppose all attempts to introduce restrictive legislation;
  2. Support the rights of all women to adequate services for contraception and abortion on request free of charge on the NHS;
  3. Support legislation and campaigns that will give women the right to choose;
  4. Encourage all existing and prospective Members of Parliament sponsored by our Union to support this policy.

RMT is affiliated to the Abortion Rights campaign and proud to support its activities.

Anti Sexism Posters

Further to a resolution from the Women’s Advisory Committee, the Council of Executives endorsed the production and distribution of two designs of anti-sexism posters and a badge stating “A Woman’s Place is in her Union”.

Violence Against Women Poster

Violence against women poster

Should you require copies of the poster, please contact our Equal Opportunities Officer, Jessica Webb, via email