Young Members

How can I attend the RMT Young Members' Conference?

How do I become a delegate?

  • Any member aged 16-30 is eligible.
  • Your branch must elect you as a delegate.
  • Each branch can send a maximum of 4 delegates.

Never been to a branch meeting?
Branch meetings are the hub of union activity. To find out when and where your branch meets check out the RMT website or contact the RMT Membership Helpline on 0800 376 3706.

What happens at the Young Members' Conference?
This is your chance to learn about how a democratic union works – it’s your chance to help shape union policy.

Write a motion stating what you want the union to do and get it passed at your branch meeting. Never written a motion before? Well now is your opportunity to get started. Why not seek the help of your branch officers?