Young Members

How can I attend the RMT Young Members' Conference?

How do I become a delegate?

  • Any member aged 16-30 is eligible.
  • Your branch must elect you as a delegate.
  • Each branch can send a maximum of 4 delegates.

Never been to a branch meeting?
Branch meetings are the hub of union activity. To find out when and where your branch meets check out the RMT website or contact the RMT Membership Helpline on 0800 376 3706.

What happens at the Young Members' Conference?
This is your chance to learn about how a democratic union works – it’s your chance to help shape union policy.

Write a motion stating what you want the union to do and get it passed at your branch meeting. Never written a motion before? Well now is your opportunity to get started. Why not seek the help of your branch officers?

TUC Young Workers Month

Climate change and a Just Transition – what’s the future for young workers? Thursday 4th November, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

With the planet ours to inherit, what will it look like? As young people, we’ve got the most to gain, or lose, from climate change. So too have workers. So how can we get the change we want that is fair and just? What are the issues? What is the role of trade unions?

Join us and other young people, with guest speakers (tbc) to hear what the big issues are, what unions are doing and help shape and influence what we do next.

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Can’t afford it, can’t get on – young people in work need better jobs and pay Wednesday 17th November, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

In Living Wage week as a new Real Living Wage rate will be announced, join us to discuss the realities of low pay and no progression, issues that are all too common for young people at work. With young people more likely to work in parts of the economy that are low paying, how can we win the pay improvements we need? How do we get a minimum wage that doesn’t differ by age? And what are the job prospects for young people to get on at work?

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This ends now – how we stop harassment and violence against women Thursday 25th November, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Please note, this event is for women and non binary colleagues and is a transgender safe space.

On UN International Day for Ending Violence against Women and Girls, join us to discuss how we put a stop to violence women in this country face. Whether at work, at home or in their communities, too many women tell us their stories of harassment and the violence it leads to. What are trade unions doing to make workplaces safer? What changes must we expect so we can feel safer?

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#Organise – getting young workers into unions and active Tuesday 30th November, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Trade unions can change the world of work for good. And we know we need to. All young workers month, we’ve listened and discussed the big challenges we face and what is needed.

But unions can only take up this fight if we’re growing and we’re strong. Unions need young workers and young workers need unions. Join us as we set out the scale of the challenge but share optimism for how we can and must react. Share your thoughts and let’s help shape the present and the future of our movement.

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