Young Members' Conference Advisory Committee


Following the closing of nominations for the Young Members Advisory Committee on the 30th April 2013 I can confirm the following are elected unopposed to represent their respective Regional Councils on the Advisory Committee until March 2016, unless they reach the age of 30 during their term The full RMT Young Members Advisory Committee is now as follows:

YM Advisory Committee Chair – Bro. Gary Jackson

Region Scotland:

1. Ritchie Veitch

Region: London & Anglia


1. Joel Pearson

Region: South Wales & West


1. Jamie Gunn

2. Paul Hughes

Region: North East


1. Stephanie Craig

2. Anthony Potts

Region: Wessex


1. Amy-Rose Grenside

2. Jamie Bell

3. Peter Miller

4. Stephen Lewis

Region: London Transport


1. Deborah French

2. Lorna Tooley

3. Leon Brumant

4. Martin Mulligan

Region: South West


1. Ashley Farrant

Region: North West

1. George Waterhouse

Region: Yorks & Lincs

1. Kyle Sewell

2. Gary Jackson

3. Christopher Hodds

4. Zoe Keeney

5. Robert Grosslaws

Region: South East

1. Daniel Burn

2. Ian Ashburn

3. Rafal Dabrowski

4. Rose Kirk

5. Daniel Burn

The National Education Officer will continue to provide Secretarial support to the Committee.