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Action for Rail

Stop staff cuts on our railways.

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In January, passengers returning to work after Christmas will see their fares rise yet again.

Commuters in the UK spend up to 6x as much of their salary on rail fares than passengers using publicly-owned railways in France, Germany, Spain and Italy – according to new analysis published by Action for Rail today. We have the highest commuter fares in Europe, yet our services are often overcrowded, late and under-staffed.

The comparably high costs of the UK’s privatised railways are reflected in public opinion. A new poll for Action for Rail of 1,719 UK adults by YouGov in December 2015 found that:

61 per cent thought that train services in the UK were bad value for money.
Only 54 per cent thought that train services in the UK were punctual.
62 per cent thought that fares would be cheaper if train companies weren’t trying to make a profit.
62 per cent support bringing train companies back into public ownership.


Take Action Now: Ask your MP to support an affordable railway under public ownership




support older and disabled passengers

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Our railways are under attack

The government have set out their vision for the future of UK rail services, and it's a bleak picture for rail travelers, workers and businesses relying on the network.

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