Defend Rail

Defend Rail

The RMT National Executive Committee has recently taken a decision that sets the union up for a campaign across Network Rail and the majority of Train Operating Companies to defend your pay, jobs, conditions and pensions.




General Secretaries message January 19, 2022

Inflation up. Energy Prices up.  NI going up. Your pay going down!


Today there was more bad news in what has been called the “cost-of-living crisis.” 


The Retail Price measure of inflation which is used for pay negotiations on the railway has risen to 7.5%.


At the same energy prices are going up and National Insurance is due to rise in April.


And of course, the rail companies’ profits are going up again!


The only thing not going up is your pay - which is being frozen by greedy rail companies so they can continue to make profits.


As we pointed out last month this means rail workers are losing thousands in real terms pay cuts.


And in the Defend rail jobs, pay and pensions campaign booklet we have sent to members this week we explain that it’s also your job, working conditions and pensions that are under threat.  Rail workers are being asked to work more for less!


But it does not have to be like this. Your union is campaigning to defend your job, pay and conditions. 


And in other sectors workers are standing up for a better deal. For example, recently RMT London Underground members voted overwhelming for strike action to defend jobs, pensions, and conditions. 


If we increase our strength at the workplace we increase our chances of a better deal. 

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