GWR Cleaners

GWR Cleaners

Campaigning for cleaners working on GWR trains and employed by Servest UK to receive sick pay.

Please write to or email GWR Managing Director Mark Hopwood and demand that all cleaners on the GWR franchise receive sick pay like any other employee.

Cleaning trains can often leave employee's working in cold, unsanitary and germ-ridden environments. When cleaners become ill, often as a direct result of their working environment, they are expected to use their meagre annual leave entitlement or face receiving no payment for these absences.

Furthermore, this leads to the cleaning staff getting to spend less time with their families, or they must go to 'payday loan' companies to cover any financial deficit.

80% of GWR Contract cleaners are either in debt to or have been in debt to a pay day lender in the past 12 months and over half have had rent arrears as a result of falling sick. Indeed, one of our members was evicted from their home following surgery and being unable to keep up the rent payments.

It is time that GWR insisted that any sub-contractors pay their employees full sick pay.

I'm a cleaner on GWR trains. We're striking because we're treated unfairly | Anonymous

As you take a train home for Christmas over the next few days, spare a thought for those of us who make sure you're not sitting in the remains of the last passenger's mince pie. I work as a cleaner for Great Western Railway - albeit via an agency they use to employ us, Servest UK.

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