Justice for Cleaners

Justice for Cleaners

Cleaners are Essential – Campaign update


  1. New RMT Cleaners’ Charter:

The fight for justice for cleaners is one of RMT’s priority campaigns. We’re fighting for fair pay and conditions and to win the insourcing of all cleaners so that you’re employed on the same basis as other rail workers. 

This year’s National Industrial Organising Conference for cleaners saw the official launch of the new Cleaners Charter. This is a campaigning document that summarises our key demands and makes the case for justice for cleaners. You can download the Charter here.

Send a copy to your colleagues and use it to recruit more members. The more we are, the stronger we are: https://bit.ly/3yhuMhD


  1. New campaigning report:

The conference also saw the launch of a new campaigning report, Why a clean railway must mean an end to outsourcing.  This uses new research to show that insourcing would be better for public transport as well as for cleaners. You can download this document here: https://issuu.com/rmtunion/docs/why_a_clean_railway_must_mean_an_end_to_outsourcin


  1. Sign up for the TUC Outsourced Workers event, 12 June 2024, London

The TUC are organising a training and campaigning day for outsourced workers on 12th June 2024 as part of their Our Work Matters campaign. The day will feature outsourced reps talking about campaigns they have won and interactive training and practical advice on issues of particular relevance to outsourced workers. This event will include an opportunity to visit to Parliament to speak to MPs and impress on them the importance of insourcing.

RMT fully supports the Our Work Matters campaign and I urge all outsourced workers to get involved. The event is free and members can register here: 




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