Rail cuts cost lives

Rail cuts cost lives

RMT has launched a campaign against dangerous government-driven cuts of over a billion pounds to the Network Rail funding for the next Railway Control Period 7 (CP7) from 2024 to 2029 for vital safety-critical railway infrastructure work. These cuts include:

  • Funding cuts to renewals expenditure for CP7 of £1.2 billion in England and Wales and £315 million in Scotland for the next five years.
  • Abolition of the Track Renewal Service (TRS) organisation within Network Rail supply chain cutting 500 highly skilled jobs and outsourcing operations to private infrastructure companies
  • Cuts to maintenance on track, signalling and other assets at a time of increased degradation of railway infrastructure at a time of extreme weather events such as the one which caused the Carmont 2020 rail disaster 
  • A reduction in railway renewals and an increased reliance on railway maintenance which will lead to an increase in safety risks and a reduction in performance.

In a recent survey of Network Rail maintenance of RMT members , a vast majority believe that there is an increased risk of a major rail safety incident occurring on the railway within the next two years due to broken rails and ageing infrastructure

rail cuts

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