Withdrawal of Advance Purchase on Departure ticket

Withdrawal of Advance Purchase on Departure ticket

Write to your MP

You can write to your MP here

Northern Trains has recently removed the sale of Advance Purchase on Departure (APOD) fares from its ticket offices but has retained these fares online and at TVMs. 

We believe this decision is part of a wider attack on ticket offices aimed at forcing passengers to use online ticketing or machines. As you know, advance tickets are designed to provide passengers with the best value fare.  

Removing the APOD fares from ticket offices will mean that many passengers can no longer access the cheapest fare for their journey and disabled and elderly passengers and those on low incomes may be disproportionately affected. 

An Early Day Motion has been tabled in Parliament on this matter, and we are asking members to raise this issue with their MP and to ask their MP to sign EDM 683. You can write to your MP HERE.

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