Justice For Tube Cleaners

Justice For Tube Cleaners

London Underground cleaners receive no company sick pay, travel concessions and have an inferior pension scheme. Let Sadiq Khan know you want workplace justice for Tube cleaners.

More than 1 billion passenger journeys are made on London’s Underground every year.

Every day and night an army of more than 2000 cleaners makes sure that the trains, platforms and ticket halls are kept clean for passengers to use.

These cleaners are employed by a company called ABM. Unlike their colleagues working for London Underground, they don't get free travel on the network, even though many of them commute long distances across London to come to work. They also receive no company sick pay and have an inferior pension scheme.

68% of ABM cleaners responding to a recent RMT survey said they struggled to get by on what they earned. Their employer reported a pre-tax profit of £3 million last year.

Now these cleaners are fighting for justice, balloting for industrial action across the Underground.

Please help us by writing or emailing the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan asking him to step in and ensure justice for cleaners HERE.

As part of the Justice for Cleaners campaign, RMT is fighting to end the outsourcing of cleaning work on London’s Underground and Overground rail networks.




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