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South Western Railway (SWR) is proposing to make significant cuts to services which could have a devastating impact on jobs of rail workers who have been and continue to be on the frontline of the Covid-19 crisis.

SWR consulted with stakeholders during the Summer and proposes cutting:

• A total of 13 per cent of high peak trains per hour to London
• A total of 14 per cent of Off-peak trains per hour to London
• A total of 14 per cent of Main Suburban AM peak trains per hour to London
• A total of 14 per cent of Main Suburban off peak trains per hour to London

These cuts to services are regressive and entirely short-sighted. The UK has just hosted vital climate talks at COP26 and by cutting rail services the UK Government is sending a terrible message that, despite all the rhetoric and promises made at COP26, public transport is expendable and not part of the solution to the climate crisis. 

These service cuts are a Government-led cost-cutting exercise to reduce services and ultimately jobs on the railways following the financial support the Government was forced to provide to keep key workers and vital food and medical supplies moving during the Covid-19 crisis and it is now passengers and essential railway workers, who have been on the frontline of the pandemic, that are being targeted to pay the price. 

Instead of the short-termism of cutting rail services and jobs, the Government should be making a historic mass investment in our railways to ensure we have the future capacity, capability and workforce to provide the viable and affordable alternative to cars. These cuts to services will only serve to drive more people into their cars and onto our already congested roads.