Affiliation to Union Solidarity International

Circular No. NP/239/13

24th September 2013

To: All Branches & Regional Councils, Regional Organisers and Head Office Officers & Staff.

Dear Colleague


At its meeting of the 4th September 2013 the Council of Executives agreed to continue its affiliation to Union Solidarity International (USI). In addition the Council of Executives wish to encourage all RMT Regional Councils and Branches to affiliate using funds from their political fund.

USI was launched in May of 2012 and is already globally connected with many affiliates from Trade Unions, Global Solidarity groups, Anti Austerity organisations. USI uses an online platform to support all the current social media tools to build international solidarity on issues that are important to all trade unions. If affiliated your Regional Council or Branch could be assisted and supported by USI on projects or issues that affect your members building international support globally. At a national level USI can work with your members to build support for campaigns and issues locally using their expertise with the many forms of social media to help change the working and living conditions of workers at the grassroots level.

If your Regional Council or Branch wishes to affiliate then you should contact USI at for further information.

Yours sincerely

Bob Crow
General Secretary