Appointment of additional RMT Lay Tutors

Circular No. ED/265/18

11th December 2018

To: All Branches & Regional Councils, Regional Organisers, NEC and Head Office Officers.

Dear Colleague

Appointment of additional RMT Lay Tutors

I am seeking applications from RMT members that may wish to be considered for the important role of RMT Lay Tutor.

Those members interested in this important role within our Union should consider the selection criteria set out below carefully to ensure that they are able to meet each of them specifically. Then on the attached application form you should set out your personal contact details and the information requested to support your application (this information will only be used for the purpose of recruiting new RMT Lay Tutors). Your application must be received by the RMT National Education Officer at Bob Crow National Education Centre, 47 – 49 Thorne Road, Doncaster, DN1 2EX or at by 17.00hrs Friday 18th January 2019. All received applications will be acknowledged upon receipt.

The National Executive Committee will consider all applications received by the deadline and then agree a short list of applicants for interview.

The selection criteria the National Executive Committee have agreed for this process is as follows:

Selection Criteria:

1. That all RMT Lay Tutors shall have been a fully paid up member of the RMT for a minimum of two years
2. That all applicants submit a standard application form containing the following:
• Personal Contact details
• RMT & Trade Union background
• Brief statement of why they wish to become an RMT Lay tutor
• Details of any Education and/or Training experience, in particular within the trade union movement
3. All applicants commit to attend all RMT Tutor training and development events whenever possible
4. All applicants agree to deliver only those courses developed and agreed, by the RMT from time to time, or external course programmes as endorsed by the National Executive Committee
5. All applicants to ensure that RMT rules, policies and agreements are adhered to at all times
6. All applicants to agree to deliver RMT education and training programmes across all sectors and grades in locations that are specified, as qualified RMT Lay Tutors
7. All applicants agree not to use the position of Lay Tutor to promote any particular political party or group, or any particular individual(s) unless specifically agreed by the National Executive Committee
8. All applicants agree to encourage the highest standard of dignity and respect for all RMT members attending RMT education courses
9. That applicants, if successful, decide or require to step down as an RMT Lay Tutor they inform the RMT National Education Officer as soon as is practicable
As you know the main responsibility of the role of an RMT Lay Tutor is the delivery of our agreed education courses to our existing and future officials/activists so it is seen rightly as a key part of our development and organising work for the future of our Union. That said all support and relevant training will be provided so all members meeting the criteria set out should feel confident in considering making an application
Should you require any more detailed information on the position or what it involves please again contact the National Education Officer at a or on 07584172705 .

Yours sincerely


Mick Cash
General Secretary