Campaign to save the Union Learning Fund

Circular No. Ed/280/20

Date: 13th November 2020

TO: All Branches, Regional Councils



You will be aware that the TUC received notification from the Department for Education that they would cease to finance the Union Learning Fund from 31st March 2021.

As many of you will know, this funding allows the RMT and other TUC affiliates to support members and reps in accessing learning, education and training. This has been done successfully since 1998, widening access to learning for workers. It’s been financially supported by all governments during this time. Last year the ULF supported over 200,000 workers.

The TUC have launched the #SaveUnionLearning campaign, which the RMT unreservedly supports. While we don’t expect any reversal of the decision made by DofE to be made quickly, I urge all our members to get behind this campaign.

To assist and move this campaign forward, you are requested to:

Lobby your politicians and employers nationally and regionally, sharing case studies and the experiences of learners, and showing the wide levels of support there is for Union Learning.

Sign and share:
The TUC have launched an online petition to show how many people support the campaign. This petition needs as many signatures as possible, and this is one of many ways RMT members, activists and the general public can show their support and then how they will receive campaign updates with calls to action.

Sign the petition here – and please share it on all your social media platforms.

Tell us your union learning story
RMT knows union learning is important, RMT know it works, and independent statistics support this opinion. This campaign needs your stories to help tell the government why it must be protected. Please tell the campaign your story on how you have benefited from Union Learning, or your colleagues or your workplace.

Share your story here -
and encourage others to do the same, or send it via your Learning Organiser or local ULR.

More information on this campaign can be found on the TUC website, following the link below.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary