Disability Awareness Courses 2013


Dear Colleague


I was contacted by a member who felt that the issue of Disability Awareness should be part of our Education programme for officials and activists. I requested the National Education Officer to look into this matter and I am pleased to inform you that with assistance and some expertise from the TUC an RMT Disability Awareness course will be available to be run in Regions from January 2013 onwards. The course is designed to be run over two days and covers the following areas:

  • What is Disability?
  • What are the Employers obligations?
  • Getting disability on the negotiating agenda?
  • Evaluating Employer policies on disability?
  • What is the law in this area and how can it help?

The initial courses will be tutored by TUC Tutors but it is planned to brief and enable in due course our own RMT Lay Tutors to deliver these accredited courses. The courses can be organised for most areas of the UK. The only cost to the RMT for running these courses will be the travel and venue costs which will be met by Head Office. By delivering these courses in the localities it is hoped to avoid any significant accommodation costs.

Regions should contact the RMT National Education Officer at a.gilchrist@rmt.org.uk if you wish to have this course delivered in your area.

I sincerely hope these courses will be well attended to ensure our Unions members and representatives can be assisted and supported in understanding the issues of disability and support them in bringing about positive changes in all our industries.

Yours sincerely

Bob Crow

General Secretary