Education Course - Mental Health Awareness

Circular No. NP/095/14

20th May 2014

To: All Branches & Regional Councils, Regional Organisers and Head Office Officers & Staff.

Dear Colleague


The issue of mental illness is often seen as too difficult to deal with even if it’s recognised in the first place and yet it is extremely common. The RMT has successfully piloted its first course covering the issues involved and the feedback has proved hugely positive. Therefore a further course will be delivered at the National Education Centre during the week of 13th October 2014 (5 days). The course will commence as usual at 14.00hrs.

The course will cover the following topics:

    Mental health and society, an overview (linked to the cuts agenda)
    What is mental health?
    Images and impacts of mental ill-health (work, union and society)
    Workplace discrimination
    Equality Law - (focus mainly on disability discrimination)
    Case Studies - negotiating on mental health
    Stress an overview
    Introduction to research projects
    Delivery of mental health research project
    Explore remedies
    Planning to support RMT reps
    Action planning for mental health in the workplace

The course continues to be accredited to NOCN Level 2.

This course is open to all RMT members and the attached application form should be submitted if you wish to attend.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
Acting General Secretary