Network Rail Area Health and Safety Representatives - Education and Training Programme

Dear Colleague

Network Rail Area Health & Safety Representatives – Education & Training Programme

The RMT has in place well over a 100 Area Health & Safety Representatives to ensure the safest possible working environment and working practices. To support these key representatives the Council Of Executives have decided amongst other issues to have put in place a relevant and comprehensive education and training programme to support these representatives: “…..In addition to provide a copy to the Education Officer as assistance in developing a training course for our Network Rail Safety Reps.”

I have discussed the matter with the National Education Officer and can inform you of the following in regard to our RMT Network Rail Area Health & Safety Representatives-

  • All must successfully complete the accredited TUC Health & Safety Stage 1 course as soon as is practicable.
  • All should seek again as soon as is practicable to successfully complete the accredited TUC Health & Safety Stage 2 course.
  • To ensure that the efforts to build a safer workplace for our members further, the National Education Officer will develop a course that sets out the role and responsibilities of this key position entitled “The Role of the RMT Area Health & Safety Representative”. This course will cover the following subject matters:

a. Communicating with RMT Members

b. Representing RMT Members

c. Organising RMT Members

d. Recruiting RMT Members

All areas within this course will focus on the Health, Safety & Welfare of RMT members. A programme of this course is to be delivered in regional locations delivered by RMT lay Tutors, throughout 2013, to ensure all of these Health & Safety Representatives have had the opportunity to attend one. The costs of these courses will be met by head Office.

It is very much hoped that the company, Network Rail, will wish to support us in this initiative through facilitating paid release and assisting with costs where possible, these matters will be raised with Network Rail. The current agreement with the company is set out as follows:

Training Courses

17. Subject to giving the local manager the maximum possible notice, health and safety representatives will be afforded such time away from normal duties with pay as is necessary to attend such courses on health and safety at work matters as are agreed to be reasonable by the parties to this Agreement.

18. Reimbursement of expenditure reasonably and necessarily incurred by a local health and safety representative associated with the attendance at agreed health and safety at work courses will be granted by the local manager.

19. Health and Safety Representatives will be permitted to attend training courses as follows:

TUC Stage 1 course, on appointment or shortly thereafter

TUC Stage 2 course

Courses equivalent to TUC Stage 1 and TUC Stage 2 course run by the individual Trade Unions.

Other courses as may be agreed from time to time by the National Council as being relevant.”

Any Network Rail Area Health & Safety unable to locate the necessary H&S Stage 1 or 2 courses through their local TUC should contact their Regional Office or the National Education Officer for assistance. In regard to the “The Role of the RMT Area H&S Representative” courses a programme of dates and venues will be promulgated in due course.

I hope this education and training programme assists you further to ensure you are able to do the best job possible for our members in terms of safety at work and the well being of our members.

Yours sincerely

Bob Crow

General Secretary