RMT Learning (England) – FREE Learning Opportunity

Circular No. Ed/218/17

19th December 2017

To: All Branches & Regional Councils, Regional Organisers and Head Office Officers.

Dear Colleague

RMT Learning (England) – FREE Learning Opportunity.

The union has welcomed the funding awarded, from Union Learn (England), to take part in a pilot project to offer training in Maths and English to our members. The pilot scheme from 2nd January to 31st march 2018 offers members the opportunity to ‘sign up’ to a digital e-learning platform called WRANX. Once signed up members can take their training from absolutely anywhere as the WRANX system is fully compatible with tablets, mobiles and desktops. Once signed up all the training and any results are confidential between the learner and provider, no reports are given to any external parties.

The WRANX system uses a unique learning system in that each question the answer is provided to the learner! So, if you would want to take advantage of this free to our members opportunity to improve your Maths and/or English please follow these simple instructions:

Forward your email address to one of the RMT Learning (England) team at

Or contact the Team at 0207 529 8820

who will forward those details to the WRANX provider. Sign up will also in due course be available directly on the RMT website and a written application form.

WRANX will contact the RMT member signed up directly and agree on the programme to be followed, English and/or Maths. Following an initial assessment members will be able to progress from Level 1 onwards.

This is a unique and free opportunity for members to engage in a new form of learning and hopefully many members will want to sign up. Members who complete this trial programme will receive recognition of their achievements.

Yours sincerely


Mick Cash
RMT General Secretary