RMT Organising Strategy for Cleaning Grades - Education and Training Programme


Dear Colleague

RMT Organising Strategy for Cleaning Grades – Education & Training Programme

To support and assist the Council of Executives in their work to best organise and improve the terms and conditions of our brothers & sisters working in the cleaning sector of the wider transport industry I have instructed the National Education Officer to provide the following exclusive courses for our members in the Cleaning Grades:

Workplace Representatives Level 1 – A week specifically reserved for our members in the cleaning grades. This is the first step in the RMT Education programme for all members and activists. The course takes place at the new and expanded National Education Centre the week of 28th January 2013. Your Union will provide accommodation and meals free of charge and meet all your reasonable travel expenses and if you are unable to secure paid release from work your Union will also support you with loss of earnings payment. On the attached application if you are an RMT member in the cleaning grades, simply state your wish to attend the course the week of the 28th January 2013.

Organising for a Winning RMT – Organising is the most important task for any Union or member of a Union, so if you have attended the Workplace Representatives level 1 course at any point and wish to better organise our members in the cleaning grades then you should apply to attend the Organising Course specifically for RMT Cleaner Grade members the week of the 25th March (this is a four day course). The same conditions in terms of expenses apply.

The Council of Executives are resolute in their determination to improve the organisation and working conditions of all our cleaning grade members. These courses, for Cleaning Grade members, are being provided specifically to assist this strategy so I would urge all member of the RMT in the cleaning grades to apply to attend to help make the necessary positive change we need to see.

For further details please contact the National Education Officer at a.gilchrist@rmt.org.uk

Yours sincerely

Bob Crow

General Secretary