RMT Representatives Training In IT And Office Skills 2013

Dear Colleague


The Council of Executives agreed to provide a course for all Officials of the Union that covers basic IT and Office skills that would be extremely helpful to any existing RMT Officials and/or Representatives in carrying out their role within the Union for their members. The original two courses held this year were very oversubscribed, so in consultation with Northern College it is the intention to provide four more of these courses in 2013

The 2013 courses will take place at Northern College, Wentworth Castle, Stainborough, Barnsley, South Yorks, S75 3ET (01226 776000). The courses (five days) are planned to commence at 14.00hrs on the Monday of each week and will finish no later than 12.00hrs on the Friday of each week. Those attending will be provided with free accommodation at the College, all of your reasonable travel expenses will also be met by the Union. Note all those that are able to attend the RMT Education Centre on the Monday of each course for 12.30hrs will be provided with free transport to the college.

The course dates are as follows;

a. 21ST – 25TH JANUARY

b. 8TH – 12TH APRIL


d. 18TH – 20th NOVEMBER

So if you are an RMT Official or Workplace Representative and would like to improve your IT and office skills to assist and support your members better then this bespoke course designed for RMT reps, using the latest IT and software and the best ideas for organising your ‘office’ would be of great assistance. The course will cover amongst other things the following:

1) Introduction – How can computer technology make our work easier?

2) Producing documents – producing a wide range of documents and developing the skills to easily and quickly make your documents look professional, including producing letters, reports, newsletters, notices and minutes.

3) Research: Using the Internet to research workplace issues.

4) Communicating: Using e-mail effectively

So please complete and return the attached application form to confirm your place if you feel this course would be of assistance to you as an RMT Representative or Official.

If you wish any further details of this course please contact the National Education Officer at: a.gilchrist@rmt.org.uk

Yours sincerely

Bob Crow