RMT ULR 2019 Conference Circular

Circular No. ED/005/19

8th January 2019


To: All Branches, Regional Councils, Regional Organisers.

Dear Colleague

RMT Union Learning Representative (ULR) – Round 20 Learning Project Conference

I am pleased inform you that our bid for funding for a 3-year Union Learning project for what will be Round 20 (2019-2022) has been recommended to the DofE for acceptance. The preparations to undertake this new project are currently being worked through to ensure the union gets off to the best possible start on 1st April 2019.

This project is a considerable expansion on recent projects undertaken in England, but also offers opportunities to support the work of ULR’s across all our grades and regions within England. With 2 additional Lead Learning Organisers, bringing the number to 5, it is also the first time the Union will have a Learning Organiser position with a specific priority for our Maritime members in England. To support the preparation work for this new Round 20 project information about the new project can be sought from Donna Murray or Francine Enyioko-Bakers, on 0207 529 8820 (09.00hrs – 16.00hrs Mondays, 09.30hrs – 1730hrs Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and 0900hrs – 1200hrs Friday).

Further, to set out the projects aims and objectives an RMT ULR Conference is being organised at The Earl of Doncaster Hotel; Bennetthorpe, Doncaster, DN2 6AD.

There is a buffet lunch at 13.00hrs, Conference will commence at 14.00hrs on 13th March 2019 and finish no later than 16.00hrs on 14th March 2019.

Every RMT ULR (England) is invited to attend this key event launching our Round 20 project, all your reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed and if you require accommodation for the night of the 13th March, this will also be reimbursed, some accommodation may be available on a first come basis at the BCNEC. As an elected RMT ULR you should request paid release from your employer to attend. I sincerely hope every RMT ULR will want to attend and an invitation to a Regional Official from each region is extended to ensure that the new projects work is fully embedded within the general activity within each region. The event would welcome all NEC Members and Regional Organisers who may be able to attend also.

This new project will present significant challenges obviously but also huge opportunities to build on our learning work for all members across all grades with the additional union organising opportunities that this work will provide.

For further details and to book you place at this event please contact Donna Murray at d.murray@rmt.org.uk or Francine Enyioko-Bakers at F.Enyioko-Bakers@rmt.org.uk or on 0207 529 8820

Yours sincerely

General Secretary