Workplace Representatives introductory Courses 2013


Dear Colleagues.


I can advise you that the newly expanded National Education Centre continues to recruit well to the various courses in the programme. The Workplace Representatives Level 1 and Level 2 are the key courses that look to provide the basic skills, knowledge and confidence for new and existing RMT reps to support, advise and represent their Brothers and Sisters in the workplaces. An important ingredient to this progression is the C of E agreed Workplace Representatives Introductory course that is required to be organised in all regions. The course begins at lunchtime on day 1 and finishes late morning on day 3. It focuses on providing those attending with the essential background to enable them to attend the National Centre understanding their unions’ history, structure and how the RMT union works. Additionally it has a session for the Regional Council to make a presentation setting out what is required of new Reps embarking on our education programme in the region. There is no doubt those attending the National Centre benefit from having attended this course regionally. The cost of these courses is met by Head office and the tutors, materials etc are organised by the Education Officer.

Over the last couple of years these courses have been organised in some areas and not others so I am asking you to raise the issue and Branch committee’s and Regional Councils with a view to ensuring this year each region attempts to organise at least one introductory course in the region, more if demand is there.

I would also wish to remind you that any of the nationally agreed courses can be delivered in the regions if they are preferred to a residential attendance at Doncaster. I am attaching the current programme calendars for your information

Should you want any assistance or further information then please contact the RMT National Education Officer at

Yours Sincerely

Bob Crow