Educational Bursaries

Seafarers Bursary

Dear Colleague


Members will be aware for several years the RMT has been able to offer financial support for education and training courses that members may wish to undertake in a personal capacity. These applications if agreed according to the ‘rules’ governing them were financed from funds separate from the RMT general fund and this finite fund has now been exhausted.

Naturally the union is keen to continue to support members in education or training opportunities where it can and where the financial support can be justified.

In future any members seeking financial support for any education or training course should submit their application in writing to their Branch Secretary for the consideration of their Branch Committee. The Member applying should set out the following information:

1. Name, contact details and RMT Membership number.

2. The course title, the course provider, as well as the expected qualification upon completion (if any).

3. Also the date (s) and duration of the course.

4. The overall cost of the course and the exact amount being requested from the RMT, as well as any funding from other sources for the course being received.

If the application is endorsed by the Branch Committee then it is the responsibility of the Branch Secretary to submit the application to the General Secretary for consideration of the National Executive Committee.

If agreed by the National Executive Committee, funding will only be released upon provision of a valid receipt, invoice or proof of enrolment.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash

General Secretary