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RMT Learning Round 20


Two days of briefings, discussion and planning activities in Doncaster. To kick start Round 20 of the RMT Learning project. Which as been expanded to meet the increased scope of the project.

In 2017 the team was scaled down due to a cut on the funding and had to entrench itself in order to survive and deliver as much support as was practicable to a limited number of ULRs within Network Rail.

However this year sees a significant expansion, back into the other sectors of the RMT spheres of influence.

With Lead Learning Organisers in the South & Southwest, West & North West. Midlands and North East, Network Rail & London and Maritime sector.

A video Message from the General Secretary (he was away on other union business); set the stall out for the two days of work. With him restating his and the RMT's firm commitment to learning being a core part of union business and that all members, activists and reps bear, a responsibility to build our union and make it stronger day by day. Through the 3 key tenets of Organise, EDUCATE and Agitate.

The National Education Officer has the task of leading the new look RMT Learning team. He said "the aim is that the Lead Learning Organisers will not just be sitting in a office and sending out emails etc. They will all be out there in the real world, supporting, ULRs and learners. Working to ensure good support from employers and providers for our members!"

The 60+ ULRs who attended the two day event were fully engaged in making the learning agenda a part of what we do. Coming up with ideas and things they will need to, support the aims of the Union Learning Fund bid and feeding good quality proposals into the strategy which will be developed to start delivery in April 2019.





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