How do I become a Union Learning Rep?

Hello and thanks for enquiring about becoming a Union Learning Rep.

Union Learning Reps are a key part of the RMT organising strategy. Their role is enshrined in law just like Health & Safety Reps. With a right to time off to train for the role and to carry out your duties.

Where RMT has a collective bargaining agreement paid release will be covered.

You are also expected to regularly attend your branch meetings and provide reports and updates to the members.

The process is quite simple, you should first speak with your branch secretary, about whether there is a vacancy in your workplace for a ULR, then request that the branch hold an election at the next branch meeting, or the Annual General Meeting. If no one else wishes to stand for the same role you will be duly elected as the ULR.

The secretary must then complete the form available from the link below and send it to the regional *organiser / office and RMT Learning at Unity House.

*Who will then formally write to your employer, reporting your appointment.

You should then contact your local manager to confirm with them your position and start to build a relationship whereby you can obtain your release for training.

The training involves a brief online introductory course on the TUC Education website. Followed by two 5 day residential courses at the RMT Bob Crow National Education Centre in Doncaster. This will give you the skills and confidence you need to carry out your role as a ULR.

There will also be, from time to time, conferences and training you will be required to attend as part of your ongoing development.

RMT ULR Registration form for branch secretaries

For more information or support please contact.

Donna Murray, RMT Learning at Tel: 02075 298820 or
Francine Enyioko-Bakers at Tel: 02075 298820

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