Solution Focused Practice

Online Course Modules

The course is an introduction to solution-focused practice, designed to be suitable for
anyone with an interest in applying this approach to aspects of their work that involve having ‘helping conversations’ (i.e. conversations in which another person seeks help from them). The context for this may be in a wide range of settings including (but not limited to) workplace mentoring and support, therapy, coaching, education, health and social care.
Designed to give students the practical skills and confidence to start using Solution-Focused practice in the workplace.
First module
1. A 40 minute long video of a PowerPoint presentation introducing solution-focused
2. A set of four videos of solution-focused conversations, lasting between 20 and 40
minutes each (a total of approximately 2 hours of footage)
3. Accompanying ‘observation sheets’ asking participants to look out for and
comment on, certain aspects of each of the four conversations.
To register for the online course contact RMT LLO Lisa Evans or register online using the
link here