Organising strategy

RMT maintains a strong organising strategy to improve our ability to recruit new members and retain them after they join.

Each RMT region continues to develop and plan recruitment activities with the aim that every transport worker is encouraged to join the union.

Our long term aim is to have active reps in every workplace and for the union to educate, train and fully support our them. Organising is about more than just recruitment - it's about building an active RMT organisation in the workplace and making sure our organisation is self-sufficient and sustainable.

RMT organising strategy places activists and reps at the very centre of our initiatives and our Organising Unit has been created to give maximum support and assistance. We now have a wide and varied supply of recruitment materials that are available free of charge to members. These can be ordered directly from your Regional Office.

Workplace reps are the best people to explain the benefits of RMT membership to non-members and the more workers who join RMT the stronger the union becomes. A larger membership gives RMT members a greater influence, thus improving our ability to achieve more for working people.

It's in all of our interests to get properly organised.