Retirement Benefit

RMT Retirement Benefit is payable to members on retirement at normal age, or earlier if permanently incapacitated due to ill health or retired under redundancy and resettlement arrangements when over 55 years of age.

Retirement Benefit is calculated at the rate of £3 for each completed year's membership between 1 January 1965 and 31 August 2003 (and completed years' membership of the Disablement Fund prior to 1965), and at £5 for each completed year of membership after 1 September 2003.

For a Retirement Benefit application form and accompanying notes please click on the download links on the right of the page.

Please note that all claims MUST be endorsed by your branch secretary

For queries on all matters relating to RMT Benefits, please email Steven Marr or call him on 0207 529 8306.