24 hour strike on TransPennine Express

24 hour strike on TransPennine Express

31 March 2022

RMT Press Office:

24 hour strike on TransPennine Express this weekend to go ahead.

Conductors will take 24 hours of strike action in row over pay and Sunday working.

RMT said the company had refused TPE conductors' request to increase pay for staff coming in on their days off and Sundays.

The union says there is a large discrepancy in pay levels for conductors and other train crews for doing the same thing.

General Secretary Mick Lynch said: "Our rock solid strikes will bring the network to a complete standstill and the blame firmly lies with TPE management's intransigence on this issue.

"What we are asking for would cost the company less than the loss of revenue from strike action.

"RMT remains open to talks about properly rewarding our conductors for the crucial role they play in keeping the trains moving."



- The union is demanding enhanced flat payments of £250 for Rest Day Working (RDW) and £275 for working Sunday which were being paid to conductors are fully restored. This would cost the company a lot less than losses sustained due to industrial action.

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