Avanti chaos reaches catering services

Avanti chaos reaches catering services

15 November 2022

RMT Press Office

Following mass cancellations on struggling Avanti West Coast services, catering services are now in a similar chaotic state caused by job cuts and poor management by the train operating company owned by FirstGroup and Trenitalia, RMT said today.

Despite promising enhanced catering services on the franchise when it took over from Virgin, Avanti West Coast has cut 175 catering jobs which has led to staff shortages, plummeting levels of service and massive uncertainty.


RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said that the company was in such a mess that it could not offer at seat services for passengers despite the fact that the company claims that it can.


He said: “Avanti front line catering staff are facing increasing levels of frustration, aggression and confrontation from passengers who are not receiving the level of service that they are expecting for the cost of travel.


“This level of mismanagement is something that we have come to expect with this operator which should be providing stability on this crucial line but is clearly unable to do so.


“This is another example as if one were needed of the necessity of public ownership and control of our railways.”

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