Avanti West Coast train managers take strike action

Avanti West Coast train managers take strike action

21 October 2022

RMT Press Office:

Avanti bosses claim that imposing rosters is to prevent cancellations. However, the crisis ridden company have slashed multiple services and left staff with dreadfully low morale and feeling completely neglected.

Controversially Avanti has had its contract renewed on the West Coast mainline despite its appalling track record running the franchise.
RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: "Avanti continue to be totally unreasonable in negotiations and seem incapable of taking responsibility for the mess they have caused.
"They show little concern for the health and safety of our members as some of their rostering proposals would lead to unacceptable levels of fatigue amongst train managers.
"This strike is the end result of months of neglect and the only way our train managers feel they can voice their concerns.
"Avanti should never have been given any extension to their franchise contract for all the chaos they have caused the travelling public. 
"We remain open for meaningful talks to resolve the dispute but be in no doubt our industrial campaign will continue for as long as it takes."

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