Breakdown in Industrial Relations

Breakdown in Industrial Relations

16 July 2015


Babcock Rail, Newport Maindee

Our Ref: BR4/14/2

16th July 2015

Dear Colleague,

Breakdown in Industrial Relations – Babcock Rail, Newport Maindee

I write further to my letter dated 6th July 2015 in relation to the above matter. As I previously stated there was a breakdown in industrial relation between your union and the company. I had informed the company that we were in a dispute situation and commenced preparations for a strike ballot.

However talks were held with the company and the following agreement was reached in principal;

•    Failure to meaningfully consult regarding the closure of Newport Maindee Depot; Network Rail have advised that Babcock and Network Rail staff will vacate the Maindee depot on 31st July 2015 and will move to a suitable alternative site within the Newport Area. If a suitable site has not been found by 31st July 2015 then temporary site cabin accommodation will be provided in Newport as a temporary measure.  Also, all protected employees who transferred into Babcock shall retain their terms and conditions.

•    Introduction of new job descriptions with no consultation;
The company acknowledged that no agreement had ever been reached regarding new job descriptions and the status quo shall therefore prevail.
•    Breaches of the recognised rostering agreements;
Previously there had been no fixed rosters and members were rosted daily which clearly breached the restructuring agreements and principals of rostering. The agreement reached was the implementation of a 13 week fixed roster. The roster blocks will; be identified on the basis of a rostering period of 13 weeks, the roster will be issued prior to the commencement of the roster blocks and these will equalise on the basis of the 140 hour per 4 weeks or 455 hours per 13 weeks. Balanced and Variable turns may be rostered in the cycle ranging from a total week free from duty to a maximum of 48 hours in any week.
The company have now provided me with written confirmation regarding the above and therefore the dispute has now been resolved. I congratulate you and your representatives for standing strong and showing that you will not allow the company to treat you badly.

Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
General Secretary

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