Bus workers strike goes ahead in the South West

Bus workers strike goes ahead in the South West

13 October 2021

RMT Press Office:

Bus workers strike goes ahead in the South West on Monday as RMT rejects pay offer financed by savage cuts to working conditions.

BUS UNION RMT said today that a strike on Stagecoach Southwest will go ahead on Monday after rejecting a company pay offer loaded with savage cuts to conditions and benefits that would drive even more key staff out of the industry at a time when it's already haemorrhaging drivers.

The Stagecoach offer includes serious reductions to staff terms and conditions to self-finance the deal including a drastic reduction in sick pay down to just 60% of basic pay. Furthermore, there was no new deal for key engineering, cleaning, supervisory and admin staff just an existing offer of 2.2%, a one off payment of £300 and the same reductions to their terms and conditions.

The company are introducing revised contracts for new employees on these new terms and conditions which goes against our collective bargaining agreement and is certain to drive new recruits away from the bus industry.

General Secretary Mick Lynch said:

“This so-called deal would be paid for by our members by savaging sick pay and other working conditions. This company is so deeply cynical that they have even tried to rig dates to avoid coughing up back pay. We have rejected this penny-pinching approach and the strike action on Monday goes ahead as planned.

“Even with this string-loaded offer drivers would only be earning little more than £23,000 a year with other grades on even less. That's why key staff are leaving in droves, threatening lifeline transport services to thousands ‎across the South West who rely on our buses.

”Our Stagecoach members were key workers throughout the pandemic and instead of rewarding their staff for their courage, commitment and resilience this greedy and wealthy company are attempting to make outrageous cuts to their terms and conditions.

“The action goes ahead on Monday and we thank the public in advance for their understanding and support. We remain available for serious talks.”

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