Chaos continues at London Bridge and across Capital

Chaos continues at London Bridge and across Capital

17 March 2015

RMT Press Office

RMT on continuing chaos at London Bridge and across the Capital's transport services.

General Secretary Mick Cash said.

"PR stunts and sticking plaster solutions were never going to end the dangerous chaos at London Bridge. Our signalling members warned repeatedly that this was a disaster waiting to happen when they first saw the plans.

"They were ignored in favour of ludicrous simulations on computer games. The capacity and overcrowding scandal at London Bridge and across the capital is set to get much worse. RMT is demanding a top level summit to tackle this crisis.

"‎ The voices and the warnings of staff on both rail and tube are being ignored by senior  managers who we believe are engaged in an orchestrated and politically motivated cover up of the risks and the facts in pursuit of a cuts agenda.  That dangerous ignorance has to stop before we have a major disaster on our hands. 

"We have seen too often what happens when officials, politicians and authorities conspire to ignore whistle blowers and cover up the truth. RMT will fight to stop that scenario developing any further in our transport services. "

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