CrossCountry workers to take strike action

CrossCountry workers to take strike action

27 March 2024

RMT Press Office:

Rail union RMT members working for CrossCountry to take strike action against de-recognition of supervisory and clerical grades.

RMT is taking decisive action to protect the rights and representation of all of its members in CrossCountry with strike action on Saturday 13 April.
The union has been engaged in negotiations with CrossCountry to address this issue, yet the company's recent actions have only served to escalate tensions.
RMT represents all grades in the company and has had this confirmed many times in writing.
Despite this, Cross Country has proceeded to hold discussions with other trade unions regarding pay, policy matters, deliberately excluding the RMT from these crucial negotiations.
RMT has voiced his deep concern over CrossCountry's disregard for established agreements and the rights of RMT members.
Mick Lynch, RMT general secretary said: "CrossCountry's refusal to guarantee our representation of members in negotiations is a disgrace and will not be tolerated.
"Bosses cannot dictate who RMT members are represented by or be allowed to rip up long standing agreements.
"Therefore our whole membership in CrossCountry will take strike action on April 13 and our industrial campaign will continue until we reach a resolution."

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