Docklands Light Railway Interserve staff to strike Monday

Docklands Light Railway Interserve staff to strike Monday

5 June 2015

RMT Press Office

Docklands Light Railway Interserve staff to strike for a further 48 hours from Monday over a continuing assault on pay and working conditions

After a vote of over 80% for action, and a 48 hours rock solid strike at the end of May, transport union RMT has confirmed that staff working for notorious anti-union facilities company Interserve on Docklands Light Railway will strike from Monday for a further 48 hours in a dispute over an assault on pay and working conditions.

RMT reps have been in talks with Interserve management regarding a whole series of issues that remained unresolved and the union took the decision to conduct a ballot for strike action to protest against management’s failure to resolve in particular the following:-


  • Members not receiving pay increases which maintain the differentials between grades. This is a long-standing claim from when the contract was with Carlisle Cleaning & Security.


As a result of the management delaying the opportunity to enter into any meaningful negotiations on the outstanding  issues through the offices of ACAS members are instructed not to book on for any shifts which commence between:


  • 05.30 hours on Monday 8th June 2015 and 05.29 hours on Wednesday 10th June 2015.


There will be a picket line running at the Poplar depot which trade unionists from across London are invited to attend to show their support


RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:


“The union had no option but to move to a further 48 hours of strike action of DLR staff hired in through Interserve in this dispute. The union will not sit back while core issues on pay and working conditions are left unresolved. The ballot result delivered a huge democratic mandate that shows the anger amongst our members and it is about time that Interserve woke up and took note. That anger, determination and solidarity was displayed in the rock solid 48 hours of action at the end of last month.


“Our reps are in no doubt that we need to continue to send a clear message to management that staff are prepared to fight to demand decent rewards and recognition, a safe working environment, decent working conditions and will not be forced into accepting inferior pay arrangements from either KAD or their approved contractors . Our members will be sending that message loud and clear again next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in a dispute which has ramifications for the entire outsourcing industry in the UK and its virulent anti-union stance.


 “The union remains available for talks.”

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