Eurostar staff to take further strike action

Eurostar staff to take further strike action

13 September 2018

RMT Press Office:

Eurostar staff to take further strike action over service meltdown and shocking working conditions

Rail union RMT confirmed today that Eurostar station staff based at St Pancras and Eurostar Train Managers will take strike for 48 hours in a dispute over shocking and dangerous working conditions resulting from repeated service failures and breakdowns.

RMT members will not book on for any shifts that commence between:

• 00.01 hours on Sunday 30th September 2018 and 23.59 hours on Monday 1st October 2018

The international terminal at St Pancras has been reduced to chaos, with staff left to bear the brunt of public anger, following a spate of service problems that dumped thousands of passengers on the cramped concourse at St Pancras as the season headed towards its summer peak. RMT has repeatedly demanded action to improve conditions but with nothing tangible coming from Eurostar there is no option but to strike.

Workers at the French end of the Eurostar operation have also registered their disgust at the appalling conditions and have taken action in an attempt to force the company to act.

‎RMT General Secretary, Mick Cash said:

“The conditions at St Pancras have been simply appalling over the summer with dangerous levels of overcrowding on the concourse as services plunge into meltdown on the cusp of the busiest part of the year. RMT will not tolerate a position where our members are left to pick up the pieces due to corporate failures.

“Eurostar Train Managers are now joining this dispute after a recent ballot and will also be striking alongside their station staff colleagues.

“The union remains available for genuine and serious talks that will bring about guarantees to resolve the situation.”


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