Event to Mark Nationalisation of Network Rail

Event to Mark Nationalisation of Network Rail

1 September 2014

RMT Press Office

Unions and campaigners will assemble at the Headquarters of Network Rail to mark the day that the organisation is effectively recognised as a nationalised public body by the Government.

Network Rail Head Office, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG
Instead of being a “Not for Dividend” company in the private sector,  the government have stated that Network Rail will, from the 1st September, be a “central government body in the public sector.”
The government has been forced into reclassifying Network Rail as a public sector body following a decision taken by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).
This significant move comes because the ONS has said that because of the governments close relationship with Network Rail and Network Rail’s reliance on government funding, then Network Rail has to be treated as being in the public sector.
This represents an important moment in the union campaign for the renationalisation of the railway. The decision supports the union’s belief that as the railways are a public service, reliant on public funding, then they should be under public ownership.
The unions will be a using the event on 1st September to make the case that Network Rail moving into the public sector should be the start of the process to return the entire rail network to public ownership and create a wholly integrated, nationalised and  democratically accountable railway run for the benefit of passengers, workers and the whole of society.
The union is fully aware that the move into the public sector may be used as an opportunity by the Tory right to argue for the break-up of Network Rail and its reprivatisation into Railtrack 2 – ignoring the lethal failures that followed the last experiment in the private operation of rail infrastructure.
Mick Cash, RMT acting general secretary, who will be at the event on Monday, said;
“The recognition of Network Rail as a fully-fledged public body, under public control and ownership, should be seen as the spring-board for taking the entire rail network back into the public fold. Any attempt by the right to use this as an opportunity to argue for dragging us back to the lethal days of privatised rail infrastructure under Railtrack will be fiercely resisted.
“The truth is that if the vast sums sucked out of our railways by the private train companies was reinvested in infra-structure, capacity and staffing under a publicly-controlled body we could end the two decades of private profiteering, fragmentation and under-investment which has dragged our railways into the slow lane while charging some of the most extortionate fares in Europe.

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