Every Job Matters – Defending Jobs on London Underground

Every Job Matters – Defending Jobs on London Underground

2 July 2015


To all London Underground Station Staff Members

Our Ref: LUL/14/5
2nd July 2015

To all London Underground Station Staff Members

Dear Colleagues

Every Job Matters – Defending Jobs on London Underground

This week you and your colleagues voted massively in favour of industrial action in our dispute to defend your jobs and conditions. As you know, we have been in dispute with London Underground since 2014 over their proposals for stations which would see massive job losses and a wide-ranging restructuring of your grade. Following a sustained period of industrial action we were able to force LU to put their plans on hold to allow detailed discussions with your reps. Frankly these discussions were a sham and LUL are now pressing full steam ahead with a massive attack on your jobs and conditions.

Over 800 jobs will be lost leaving staff overworked and stations understaffed. Staffing levels are being cut to the bone with more weekend and nightworking but they have ignored our real and genuine concerns about fatigue and unsociable hours so we have strongly rejected their roster proposals. The increase in lone working in particular has serious safety implications when, as we all know, assaults on staff are a serious risk, particularly during late shifts. On top of this their plans will allow managers to move station staff around almost at will with only 24 hours notice, all under the banner of “flexibility”. This “flexibility” would also allow them to force you to cover Higher Grade work without any enhanced pay, all of which will result in a casualised workforce.

The reality is that London Underground have rushed headlong into a huge cuts programme which will leave an exhausted, under resourced workforce trying to maintain a safe service. The General Grades Committee has considered the ballot result and the clear will of members and has decided to call Station Staff members to take strike action and industrial action short of a strike which is outlined as follows: -

All Station Grades members are instructed not to book on for any shift that commences between: -

•    18:30 hours on Wednesday 8th July 2015 until 18:29 hours on the Thursday 9th July 2015.

Also, all Station Grades are instructed not to carry out any overtime from 21:30 hours on Thursday 9th July 2015 until further notice.

The strong mandate you have delivered sends a clear message to LUL that their plans are totally unacceptable. I urge you and your colleagues to stand firm during the industrial action. Management cannot be left in any doubt that Station Staff are united and  determined to fight against the unacceptable job losses, unacceptable displacements, unacceptable rosters, and unacceptable  changes to your terms and conditions.

Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
General Secretary

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