Every Job Matters – Defending Jobs on London Underground

Every Job Matters – Defending Jobs on London Underground

8 October 2014


Talks at ACAS Restarted

Our Ref: LUL/14/5

8th October 2014

Dear Colleague,

Every Job Matters – Defending Jobs on London Underground

Talks at ACAS Re-started

All members will be aware of the decision taken yesterday to call on all London Underground members to take strike action by not booking on for shifts from Tuesday 14th until Thursday 16th October 2014. This was because London Underground told your Union that no further discussions would be taking place and the proposals for a massive reduction in jobs and to close all ticket offices would now be implemented.

However, further talks at ACAS conciliation service are now taking place over the next two days. Your Union believes that further progress can be made and outstanding issues cannot just be forgotten about while London Underground presses on with implementing their proposals.  

Your RMT negotiators are always available and willing to hold talks in an effort to reach agreement and I am pleased to see LUL has seen sense and are discussing matters further. Taking strike action is always the last resort and I will of course inform members of all developments as they happen.

But we still need to keep the pressure on LUL so to clarify, the instruction NOT TO BOOK ON FOR SHIFTS COMMENCING ON TUESDAY 14TH OCTOBER 2014 IS STILL ON. Make sure to keep your resolve and continue to stand firm together so management are under no illusions that these discussions must be meaningful and genuinely aimed at addressing our outstanding concerns.

Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
General Secretary

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