Freightliner Heavy Haul confirms 145 job losses

Freightliner Heavy Haul confirms 145 job losses

17 February 2016

RMT Press Office

RMT slams government inaction on rail freight as Freightliner Heavy Haul confirms 145 job losses

RAIL union RMT slammed “government inaction on rail freight and a total lack of joined up thinking on energy policy” as Freightliner Heavy Haul confirmed today that 145 ground staff, shunters and drivers jobs are to go – with the threat of further job losses to come  - as a result of the crisis in the UK energy industry.

The job losses have been blamed on the closure of coal-fired power stations – despite the fact that the UK is short of energy supply capacity and is running at a level of demand taking the country to the edge of the return of widespread power cuts.

RMT has accused the Government of standing idly by while energy policy is reduced to tatters and skilled jobs in rail freight are decimated. The union has warned that once the jobs are gone there is no return and rail freight capacity will end up shifted onto the roads, making a mockery of green environmental targets.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“This announcement of job cuts by Freightliner Heavy Haul has sent shock waves through the industry and we are being warned that there is worse to come as government inaction on rail freight, and a total lack up of joined up thinking on energy policy, leaves thousands of jobs on the edge.

“RMT is calling for intervention from the government to get a grip on this crisis before it is too late and irreversible cuts are bundled through which leave us without adequate rail freight capacity and reliant on road based transportation.

“RMT will work to do whatever we can to defend our members at Freightliner who are caught in the crossfire of these policy failures.”

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