Government advisor solution to rail chaos - new QUANGO

Government advisor solution to rail chaos - new QUANGO

16 July 2019

RMT Press Office

Government advisor solution to rail franchise chaos - ignore public ownership and create a new QUANGO

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash warned today that "the fix is well and truly in" on the Tory Government "Rail Review" under top businessman Keith Williams as a PR puff BBC interview released this morning reveals that his solution to the privatised rail franchise chaos ‎on our railways is the creation of a new, unaccountable quango.

Mick Cash, General Secretary of the biggest rail union RMT, said:

"RMT warned from the off that Keith Williams had been hand-picked by Chris Grayling and the Tories to try and get them off the hook over the privatised chaos on our railways and this BBC interview shows we were dead right and the fix is well and truly in.

"RMT also warned that Keith Williams would side 100% with his big-business mates and duck the issue of public ownership of the railways - the option supported by over two thirds of the British people. He has and after months of deliberation has come up with the classic cop-out of another unaccountable quango, this is like Yes Minister on steroids."

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