ISS East Coast cleaner’s rock-solid in strike action

 ISS East Coast cleaner’s rock-solid in strike action

8 August 2014

RMT Press Office

RMT cleaners working for ISS on the East Coast contract are out in force on picket lines this morning as they strike for pay justice.

The ISS workers have been battling for decent levels of pay in a long running campaign with the wealthy company refusing to grant any increase since 2011, a position the union has described as "simply disgraceful and based on nothing but pure greed."

With the action rock solid the length of the contract this morning RMT has confirmed that there will be a further strike next week as the pressure is ratcheted up  to force ISS to end the scandal of poverty pay  .

RMT acting general secretary Mick Cash said;

"It is outrageous that ISS are refusing to take the matter fair pay increases and improvements to terms and conditions seriously. To have had no pay rise since 2011 is a disgrace while this wealthy global company makes huge profits on the back of pure exploitation of the workforce.
It appears that their arrogance knows no bounds as their attitude has been to cancel meetings that are in place to address these issues at a moment’s notice and expect the workers and their union to meekly accept this. This mornings rock solid action is a measure of our members determination  to secure pay justice and the ball is now in ISS 's court."


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