Key Northern Rail staff to strike again

Key Northern Rail staff to strike again

8 April 2014

Geoff Martin

RMT Northern Rail maintenance driver members at Heaton (Newcastle) and Neville Hill (Leeds) Traincare Depots are to take a further full week of strike action from this Thursday , alongside a continuing overtime ban, in a bitter dispute over a re-grading exercise which has failed to recognise the complex and demanding role of this key group of staff and which has ignored the skills and hard work that they bring to the company.

Despite a rock-solid 48 hour strike in February, management continue to refuse to take serious steps to satisfactorily resolve this matter and as a result all Maintenance Depot Driver members at Heaton and Neville Hill Traincare Depots have been instructed  by RMT to take the following full week of strike action:

All members are instructed not to book on for any shifts that commence between:-

•    18:59 hours on Thursday 10th April 2014 and 18:58 hours on Wednesday 16th April 2014

The continuous overtime ban remains in place.

RMT Acting General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“Despite a rock solid 48 hour strike in February, and total support for the overtime ban, management refuse to take our members concerns seriously and have left us with no option other than to ratchet up the action with a week-long strike starting this Thursday.
“RMT firmly believes that the company has been disingenuous in their approach to this re-grading process by failing to recognise the multi-skills and the hard work that this group of maintenance depot drivers bring to the Northern Rail operation.

“RMT has submitted evidence which makes it clear that the job is complex and demanding and in fact is becoming more so due to the diverse nature of the work which has been led by changes in the industry. The time has come for the company to stop prevaricating and to acknowledge that Maintenance Depot Drivers should be re-graded accordingly in recognition of their role and responsibilities.

“This dispute has been forced on us by the management’s continuing and stubborn refusal to take the real nature of these jobs into account through the re-grading process and it is now down to them to rectify the situation. RMT remains available for talks.”


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