95% of Great Western Railway workers say the company must Bring Back the Buffet

Recently I wrote to you asking for your views about the impact of the removal of the buffet car from all of Great Western Railway's (GWR) new intercity express trains.

There was a great response to the survey, with more than 750 of you responding in less than a week.

The findings were overwhelmingly clear that GWR must reverse this short sighted decision and #BringBackTheBuffet. Key findings included:

• A massive 95% said the buffet should be reinstated;
• Likewise, 95% think the removal of the buffet has had a negative impact on the passenger experience; and
• 77% said it's had an impact on safety, with 62% saying it's had an impact on both passenger and staff safety.
The following comments are reflective of the strength of feeling amongst GWR workers about this detrimental change:
“The passengers deserve a 'great experience' when travelling with GWR, the removal of the buffet car is not great for the overall experience.”
“Every regular passenger to whom I've spoken about the buffets believes it's a disaster that they were ever taken off. Revenue has plummeted, but first and foremost, safety has suffered”
“Passengers are constantly telling us how they miss the buffet car”
“I believe it's so much more than a buffet car. It's an information point. Safe place for people who are unsure of travelling”
“The standard trolley is not fit for purpose. It is detrimental to the welfare and health of staff. The weight alone is ridiculous and many people have, back, neck, shoulder, hip and knee problems'
Yesterday morning I attended a campaign action day at Plymouth station and events were also held at Swansea and Paddington stations. Our message is clear, our campaign is about fighting profit driven cuts and putting catering back on the railway centre stage, where it belongs.

If you haven't already done so, you can sign the online petition here - https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/great-western-railway-bring-back-the-buffet

You can also publicise the campaign on social media using the #BringBackTheBuffet

Thank you
Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
General Secretary