Aker Solutions Members on the Mariner Project

To all RMT Aker Solutions Members on the Mariner Project

Our Ref: SH/4/1
9th April 2018


Repudiation Pursuant to Section 21 of the Trade Union and
Labour Relations Act 1992

Dear colleague,

I am writing to you concerning the above matter. In particular, the Union has received correspondence from Aker Solutions concerning the decision by staff to withdraw their labour at the weekend and possible further industrial action. This decision was not  authorised by the RMT and because of the constraints placed upon us by legislation, I am bound by the law to inform you that the Union has today repudiated all industrial action connected with the dispute which does not have the support of a ballot as required by the law.

The law requires that I must specifically draw to your attention the following:-

Your Union has repudiated the call (or calls) for industrial action to which this notice relates and will give no support to unofficial industrial action taken in response to it (or them). If you are dismissed while taking unofficial industrial action you will have no right to complain of unfair dismissal.

If you are involved in industrial action the Union urges you to resume normal working.

Whilst the Union has to operate within very harsh legal constraints, it remains fully committed to seeking a swift and just resolution to the dispute by all available means.

Yours sincerely,


Mick Cash
General Secretary