Our Ref: HC/9/13

23rd November 2020

Dear Colleague,


I am writing having received concerning reports from our lead officer, as well as correspondence from many distressed members over an ‘alleged overpayment of wages’ during the period of furlough.

It is appalling that many of you and your colleagues are receiving correspondence claiming that you have been overpaid and that a nominal amount will be deducted from your pay. It is even more repugnant that the deductions are due to start in - traditionally a financially difficult time of year- the Christmas/December pay. It is bewildering that there has been no explanation as to how this ‘administrative error’ occurred. There is no rational justification or example of how the sum of overpayment has been calculated as being overpaid.

The matter is made worse as there was clear guidance on how calculations would be made when individuals where on furlough. The company made it clear that individuals would be in receipt of 100% furlough pay and also that throughout the furlough period, payments varied in each pay based on previous average earnings.

I have now written to Rail Gourmet and advised that they have clearly made an error and we demand an explanation as to how this has come about. The union has made it clear that the union and you and your colleagues do not accept there has been an overpayment and that members do not accept any deductions from their pay. Should any deductions be made then you must immediately submit a claim for an unlawful deduction of wages. To receive assistance form the union you will need to complete an application for legal assistance form (a L2 Form) which can be found HERE. Should you have any concerns then you should contact your union representative, lead officer, regional office or the RMT helpline.

The National Executive Committee has considered this matter and has instructed me to write to the company and assert the union’s position on this situation. I have also been instructed to seek further legal clarification on this issue. I am currently carrying out the NEC instruction. I trust this keeps you all advised and I will write to you again once I have received further information on this situation.

The union will continue to monitor this situation closely.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary